Hog B*tch music video

Some quick grabs from a really low budget (I mean, Home Depot lighting on this one) music video shoot. Of course, these images are even more powerful when moving to the pounding rock the band is known for… I’ll post the video here when it’s edited. Cinematographer, editor.

Spec: Dannon Super Bowl Spot

Dannon Oikos, John Stamos, and Super Bowl XLVI If you haven’t heard of Poptent.net, it’s an online “user-generated” advertising site that matches brands with filmmakers competing with each other for cash prizes. (a la doritos ads…) Well, last fall, Poptent asked 25 filmmakers to direct in a private competition for Dannon’s new Oikos Greek Yogurt. […]

Client: CASA of Travis County

My wife and I teamed up with CASA of Travis County to produce a new campaign video to help spread awareness of their efforts and needs within the Austin community. CASA of Travis County speaks up for children who’ve been abused or neglected by empowering our community to volunteer as advocates for them within the CPS court […]

Work: Bart Durham Law

Durham is one of the most successful and trusted law offices in the Nashville area. Part of “the fame” that Bart’s law offices have garnered is very much due to a constant and always new advertising campaign produced by Apple Productions of San Antonio. While the campaigns have remained consistent in style, Bart understands television […]

Work: Wilcox Furniture

Wilcox furniture offers fine quality furnishings to the Corpus Christi area. Each month Wilcox would have us produce a new commercial highlighting different sales items and specials. Wilcox had a new spot created each month. Their budget allowed for a half-day shoot with the talent and another day for the keying and motion-graphics production. They’d […]

Spec: Rockin’ Green Soap

A close family friend of mine found herself managing a start-up company manufacturing a safe and natural diaper detergent for cloth baby diapers. After learning about the company and their all natural, baby-safe, product I decided to produce a spec infomercial to better inform caring mothers of the issues they’ve most likely encountered while using […]

Family Matters: As Days Go By [filmmakingfrenzy]

Alamo Drafthouse Filmfrenzy The Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest teamed up for “Film-making Frenzy”, a local Austin film competition. This competition focused squarely on remaking a television show as a movie. For this short I teamed up with Comedia-A-Go-Go, a comedic sketch group from San Antonio. They developed the brilliant idea of remaking “Family Matters” […]

No Man’s Land [48hr]

48 Hour Film Project: Film de Femme This was my first local film competition. I drew the genre of “Film de Femme”, which means that the film must have a strong female lead. I’ve always loved films about post-apocalyptic society and decided that the best “Film de Femme” would be one that takes place in […]

Chili [48hr]

Commissioned short While this short is not of my writing. I was very excited as this was my first paid job directing someone else’s creativity. The short went extremely well, and took about a day to film. It was an amazing experience translating someone else’s concept into a viable production.

The Green Pixels [48hr]

The DV Challenge: Jealousy Theme For my second short film I enlisted my brother’s “acting” ability. We made this short in one afternoon. The theme of “jealousy” seemed to allow for so many story ideas, I ended up going with one of planned obsolescence and consumerism having an affect on out-modded technology. I wanted to […]

The Rose [48hr]

The DV Challenge: Memories Theme My first film competition video. I wanted to see how much emotion I could convey without any dialogue. This is my throwback to the silent-film era. For this competition themed “memories”, I landed on a concept of an old man (played by yours truly while the camera was on a […]