The Rink

After working with Ronald on his feature Good Feels on Wheels, I again teamed up to gaffe his lighting for this fun short. This one was tougher than it looked because most of the location rink lights weren’t reliable since they were controlled by music so I had the pleasure of completely lighting this colorful rink. This one was a blast to light and we all had a lot of fun.

You can check out more of Ronald’s films here!

3d printed police badges

This short also called for some police badges so I modified a police badge model and added individual character names, then 3d printed and spray-painted these GOLD! They ended up very cool looking and reflective. Totally passed for real badges on screen.

3d printed split diopter mount

We also needed a split diopter for one of the more important shots in the story, but the DP wasn’t able to obtain a split diopter mount in time for the shoot so I custom designed and printed this beauty. It uses three bolts to mount/center on the lens barrel and the split diopter snaps in tight and secure while being easy to rotate. This was a pretty fun little problem to solve that salvaged one of the more important shots in the short.

3d printed dutch roller

Another necessary shot from the short required a dutch roll from portrait to landscape. This isn’t easily done as the camera, no matter its shape/size, must rotate exactly around the center of the image sensor. For this I custom designed a dutch roller specifically for the DP’s particular camera.

Wall breaker box prop

Another scene required the switching of a breaker box in a particular location on set. This breaker box didn’t exist so… I made one. This was a home depot run and was made more ‘real’ by having the rest of the team cover it in stickers. Most people on set didn’t even know this was a prop!