Work: Bart Durham Law

Durham is one of the most successful and trusted law offices in the Nashville area. Part of “the fame” that Bart’s law offices have garnered is very much due to a constant and always new advertising campaign produced by Apple Productions of San Antonio. While the campaigns have remained consistent in style, Bart understands television as a medium and has allowed and even championed the campaign of at least 6 new spots per year.

As a package deal, Apple and I spend a one and a half week period producing half-a-dozen creative “slice of life” spots. This means that we’re shooting while “scripting” during each day-long shooting schedule. The locations are locked and the talent has been picked, but the actual client’s injury story VO and the actual day-shoots are roughly completely un-scripted until that shooting day. This fast-paced production style trained me to think fast on set with both camera and blocking.

Below are just a few of the creative spots I’ve helped produce under Apple Productions for Bart Durham as both cinematographer and editor.