Spec: Rockin’ Green Soap

A close family friend of mine found herself managing a start-up company manufacturing a safe and natural diaper detergent for cloth baby diapers. After learning about the company and their all natural, baby-safe, product I decided to produce a spec infomercial to better inform caring mothers of the issues they’ve most likely encountered while using normal laundry detergent, while also sharing with them the benefits of choosing an all-natural detergent like Rockin’ Green.

At the time, they only had this video demonstrating their product:


I felt I could do better in promoting their product and decided on a cheeky infomercial akin to the very famous Oxy-clean infomercials we’ve all seen before. (RIP Billy Mays)

After roughly three days of research and brainstorming, I wrote a light-hearted script I was happy with that did a good job of simplifying the product benefits, along with clearly and simply informing customers on why a natural detergent would improve the lives of mothers who choose cloth diapers for their baby.

With my HDSLR and my green screen in hand, I asked my friend Hilton to star in this production as he has the best Australian accent of any of my friends. I borrowed another friend’s game room as a make-shift studio and filmed both a wide and a close-up of the script. Keying out the green background while masking and protecting the green product bags, I then added various graphics and text in After Effects to accompany my script and further demonstrate the various product benefits.



Regardless of not making the spec sale, I think this is a great example of clear and simple copy demonstrating the benefits of a new and somewhat hard to communicate product. Considering the entire concept and production all happened within a week, I think this is a pretty decent spot for one guy and his camera.

Hope you like it!

And if you do use cloth diapers. Consider checking out RockinGreenSoap.com