Family Matters: As Days Go By [filmmakingfrenzy]

Alamo Drafthouse Filmfrenzy

The Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest teamed up for “Film-making Frenzy”, a local Austin film competition. This competition focused squarely on remaking a television show as a movie. For this short I teamed up with Comedia-A-Go-Go, a comedic sketch group from San Antonio. They developed the brilliant idea of remaking “Family Matters” into a Michael Bay Bad Boys styled blockbuster. I was happy they sought me out as director for this film. It’s always nice to work with others who respect your work and they knew they wanted lots of high-action moving camera. I used everything; dollies, jibs, and steadicam on this short. I really enjoyed doing the special effects to turn a photo of a house into a very Bay-like explosion in the end. Please enjoy.