Chili [48hr]

Commissioned short

While this short is not of my writing. I was very excited as this was my first paid job directing someone else’s creativity. The short went extremely well, and took about a day to film. It was an amazing experience translating someone else’s concept into a viable production.

The Green Pixels [48hr]

The DV Challenge: Jealousy Theme

For my second short film I enlisted my brother’s “acting” ability. We made this short in one afternoon. The theme of “jealousy” seemed to allow for so many story ideas, I ended up going with one of planned obsolescence and consumerism having an affect on out-modded technology. I wanted to give life to an inanimate object to experiment with what a “character” really is. In the end the short turned out okay, and looking back I’ll always laugh at the ridiculous nature of this short. (Thank goodness my brother was willing to embarrass himself…) Enjoy.

The Rose [48hr]

The DV Challenge: Memories Theme

My first film competition video. I wanted to see how much emotion I could convey without any dialogue. This is my throwback to the silent-film era. For this competition themed “memories”, I landed on a concept of an old man (played by yours truly while the camera was on a tripod) patiently growing a very special rose in commemoration of his 50th wedding anniversary. It is intentionally slow-paced in order to force the viewer to really consider how long life can be when missing someone you love.

Please watch and enjoy this short story.