Chili [48hr]

Commissioned short While this short is not of my writing. I was very excited as this was my first paid job directing someone else’s creativity. The short went extremely well, and took about a day to film. It was an amazing experience translating someone else’s concept into a viable production.

The Green Pixels [48hr]

The DV Challenge: Jealousy Theme For my second short film I enlisted my brother’s “acting” ability. We made this short in one afternoon. The theme of “jealousy” seemed to allow for so many story ideas, I ended up going with one of planned obsolescence and consumerism having an affect on out-modded technology. I wanted to […]

The Rose [48hr]

The DV Challenge: Memories Theme My first film competition video. I wanted to see how much emotion I could convey without any dialogue. This is my throwback to the silent-film era. For this competition themed “memories”, I landed on a concept of an old man (played by yours truly while the camera was on a […]